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Our mailing lists keep you up to date with current issues, technical developements and general announcements for users and developers. They are the first place to go to for any questions to do with configuring or running the server.

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Develop new modules

API documentation, C code examples, and anything else you need to get up-to-speed and writing modules for FreeRADIUS.

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Developed your own module? Great! Submit your code back to the project and have it maintained by the community.

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Found an issue? We accept patches for everything, from code, to documentation, and even to this website!

How to contribute

Documentation: Showing what’s possible

The API documentation is moving towards being the primary resource for developers of FreeRADIUS, giving information about all functions and data structures in the server, generated using Doxygen. All contributions towards improving this key resource are very welcome.

Our official server documentation provides a comprehensive guide to configuring and deploying FreeRADIUS, but it is the user contributions to the Wiki that build on this and demonstrate the server's true flexibility and utility.

Contributing documentation

Even if you can't code, cookbook recipes and deployment guides are great ways to give back to the community!